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Francis Arturo Colonna
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Strawberry / Nougat / Almond Honduras Filter Roast Natural - Lempira
Roasted 23rd August £15.00
Volcan Azul Bailies
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Dried Apple / Mixed Berry / Fig Grecia, Central Valley, Costa Rica Filter Roast Natural - Caturra
1500 - 1750m
Roasted 3rd September £12.00
Akmel Nuri Coffee Collective
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Limu Kosa, Jimma, Eithiopia Filter Roast Natural - Heirloom
1650 - 2050m
Roasted 10th September £16.00
Sitio Das Nascentes Campbell and Syme
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Pineapple / Sparkling Lemonade / Green Apple Filter Roast Washed - Red Catuai
Roasted 13th September £14.00

A note on roast dates

Coffee needs time to age after roasting to allow unpleasant gasses to escape. However, you also want to consume your coffee before it oxidises too much and the flavour falls flat. Each coffee is different and so will arrive at its ‘peak’ slightly differently. We recommend that you only buy as much coffee as you plan to drink in a 1-2 weeks so that it’s always at it’s best. Generally, most coffees are best for drinking within a month and can be enjoyed for up to 3 months after the roast date.